Gas Supply Consulting, Inc. ("GSC") began providing natural gas supply consulting services in 1991. The company was created with a goal of assisting clients in their purchase of gas supply and related transportation and storage services in the newly deregulated natural gas business. Over the course of our 20 year history, our services have evolved to meet the needs of clients producing, selling, transporting and buying natural gas in an ever changing energy industry.

     Natural gas is GSC's core business. We have experience with an array of client types- natural gas utilities, electric generators, a regional electric coordinating entity, natural gas producers, a municipal government, industrials, gas transportation and storage providers, landfill gas stakeholders, natural gas marketing companies and LNG importers/exporters. This experience provides industry specific knowledge, but also a broader understanding of the industry and an ability to adapt to new and changing work environments.

     For the majority of our clients, the crux of our work is natural gas supply reliability. To ensure reliable gas deliveries we work with clients to identify supply, transport and storage service requirements; to select a reputable, creditworthy service provider; to identify and select appropriate services; and to construct a service agreement that clearly defines client service needs and service provider obligations. GSC also helps clients enhance supply reliability through the identification and development of supply and transportation alternatives; the evaluation of transportation system ability to provide service under alternative scenarios; and expert witness testimony regarding transportation service and transportation projects at federal and state agencies.


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