Pipeline Hydraulic Flow Simulation Modeling

  • Rockies Express Gas Pipeline
  • NGPL
  • Kinder Morgan Louisiana
  • Creole Trails Pipeline
  • El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Trunkline Gas Company
  • Acadian Gas Pipeline
  • TransCanada Gas Pipeline
  • West Coast Energy – BC Pipeline
  • Enable Gas Transmission
  • Driftwood LNG Header
  • Pacific Coast Gas Pipeline
  • Sabal Trail Pipeline
  • Florida Southeast Connection
  • Mountain Valley Pipeline
  •  Gas Supply Consulting, Inc. (“GSC”) has extensive experience developing hydraulic models of existing pipelines, expansions to existing pipelines and or proposed greenfield development pipeline systems throughout the US natural gas grid
  •  GSC has been engaged by various clients from the mid-1990s through the present in the function of developing hydraulic simulation models on behalf of its clients.   GSC is capable of performing, and in fact has developed numerous steady state and transient hydraulic models of various pipelines.

The following provides a brief summary of experience related to hydraulic modeling.  


The following provides a partial list of existing and/or currently proposed pipelines that GSC has modeled on behalf of various clients throughout the industry.  

  • ANR Pipeline Company
  • Guardian Pipeline, LLC
  • Viking Gas Transmission
  • Great Lakes Gas Transmission
  • Northern Border Pipeline
  • Northern Natural Gas Company
  • Florida Gas Transmission
  • Gulfstream Natural Gas System
  • Gulf South Pipeline Company
  • Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline
  • Texas Gas Transmission
  • Tennessee Gas Pipeline
  • Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
  • Texas Eastern Transmission
  • Trailblazer Pipeline Company

  •   Bold/italics refers to pipelines for which GSC has developed both steady state and transient flow model analyses


Pipeline Expansion Modeling

The majority of GSC’s hydraulic model evaluations are developed to support client evaluations of:  (a) capabilities of existing pipeline to meet expanded demand requirements; and/or (b) required expansion facilities to enable pipelines to meet increasing demand requirements.  As such, the majority of GSC’s hydraulic modeling work has included a component to develop “optimized” expansion facilities to meet demand growth.  

GSC has developed models of potential expansions of existing pipelines systems on both a transient and steady state basis.

Greenfield Pipeline Modeling / Project Development

In addition to evaluations of existing pipelines, GSC has also developed “greenfield” pipeline model evaluations on behalf of its clients in support of project development and/or development of a negotiating position with an incumbent pipeline service provider.

With respect to these projects, GSC has evaluated required facilities and optimized such facilities based upon capacities, expandability and project cost.   


Hydraulic Models Used in Support of Expert Testimony

Within various regulatory proceedings, GSC has utilized the results of its hydraulic models to advance its client positions in the regulatory arena.   The following lists a few proceedings in which GSC has either filed testimony based upon the results of its models, filed reports utilizing the results of its models as support for client positions or advanced its client’s positions in technical conferences.

  •  Presentation regarding the fuel usage on the Trailblazer Pipeline System related to injection and withdrawal activity at the East Cheyenne Gas Storage facility in FERC settlement conference in FERC Docket Number RP 13-1031.  GSC’s hydraulic models were utilized to assess fuel utilized on the Trailblazer system under various operational scenarios.
  •  Developed independent report on behalf of ConocoPhillips evaluating capabilities of Texas Eastern Transmission pipeline expansion project (report was filed in FERC Docket PF 12-19 in  support of ConocoPhillips complaint with respect to Texas Eastern’s TEAM 2014 expansion project).  GSC’s hydraulic models were utilized to support Conoco Phillips position that Texas Eastern should have accepted ConocoPhillips capacity turn back offer in Texas Eastern’s reverse open season process related to this project.
  •  Expert Witness testimony submitted in FERC Proceeding concerning the impact of the introduction of LNG gas supplies on natural gas quality on the Florida Gas Transmission interstate pipeline system in FERC Docket Number RP04-249.   GSC’s hydraulic models were utilized to assess delivered gas composition at various delivery locations.
  • GSC submitted report in support of WEC Energy subsidiaries dispute with ANR Pipeline Company in FERC Proceeding RP10-517.   GSC’s transient hydraulic models of ANR’s pipeline system were utilized to support WEC subsidiaries position