Local Distribution Companies

GSC provides consulting and support services to several LDC clients, many having been clients since the company began in 1991. Not being a  gas marketer or broker, GSC supports LDC clients by functioning as a member of the client's gas supply and planning team with no inherent conflicts of interest. THis provides GSC with the ability to focus on client interests and maintain the ability to fully capture the benefits of all opportunities available in the marketplace for these clients.

Services for LDC Clients

    • Design of Natural Gas Supply and Service Portfolios
    • Preparation of Short Term and Long Term Gas Supply Plans
    • Gas Supply and Service Acquisitions
      • Gas Supply and/or Service RFB Development
      • Interface with Suppliers/Builders
      • Bid Review and Analysis
      • Contract Negotiation
    • Pipeline Hydraulic Flow Simulation Modeling
    • Competitive Analyses - Infrastructure Expansion Feasability Analyses
    • Price Risk Management Program Design and Implementation
    • Regulatory Assistance and Expert Witness Testimony