Luke Schmick

Consulting Engineer

September 2016- Present

(281) 558-0735

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Mr. Schmick has been in the energy and aerospace industries for over ten years.  He has worked in pipeline design and hydraulic analyses of liquid and gas systems for various clients including international exploration and production companies, pipeline operators, engineering firms, and regional utilities.   Mr. Schmick also worked at NASA for over five years in various engineering, operations, and safety positions.  

While in the oil and gas industry, a few tasks in which Luke has been engaged include:

·        Completed steady-state and transient analyses of feed-gas pipelines for domestic liquefaction clients in support of preliminary design and facility requirements.  

·        Modeled gas-turbine drivers of compressor stations along LNG client’s feed-gas pipeline. Verified performance of drivers, de-rated for seasonal ambient conditions, to meet transmission system compression requirements in multiple transient hydraulic scenarios.

·        Determined facility enhancements, such as pipe looping and additional compression, required of upstream third-party pipelines to support increased deliveries through existing systems in support of client evaluations.

·        Completed blending analysis of natural gas compositions from multiple receipt points to verify pipeline design gas specifications for proposed liquefaction pipelines.

·        Performed preliminary cost estimates and pipe routing in support of feasibility studies for various large-diameter pipelines.

·        Completed surge analyses of liquid systems for various clients in the oil industry – recommending overpressure mitigation hardware and improvements to system operations.


Mr. Schmick has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science from the University of Houston in Subsea Engineering.   Mr. Schmick is also a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.